In 2007 Jim Bowles and Art Martinez created a marketing event targeted towards the Las Vegas pro a/v market. It’s a evening where local Las Vegas professional a/v industry folks gather to enjoy a low key casual evening with folks that are in the same industry. We affectionately call it Beer & Gear.

What is Beer & Gear ? It’s a network for a/v professionals that live & work in So NV. The group currently has a social media pages on LinkedIn as well as Facebook and Twitter. We hold a monthly gathering for members where we can network with other members, have a beverage or two, swap stories discuss a/v equipment, industry related topics, meet with a sponsor manufacturer, and enjoy a low key casual evening.

Who attends the Beer & Gear events? The group is comprised of local a/v end users, hotel a/v staff, local consultants, regional sound companies, and various a/v influencers and decision makers.

If you or your company would like to sponsor a Beer & Gear event, please send an email to JimB@BeerAndGear.US and we’ll be happy to send you some information.